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Our Mission

Halotherapy reproduces the effects of the salt air on our body. It affects the respiratory tract, but also considerably improves the effects of stress and fatigue.

The ambient salt air is incredibly beneficial for people with asthma, chronic inflammation of the bronchi and sinusitis. Also, it reduces allergies, stress, nervousness and fatigue, vascular and dermatological disorders. Generally speaking, salt therapy strengthens the immune system. Therefore, one of the consequences of doing salt therapy will be fewer colds and flu cases, fewer runny noses, and for the most vulnerable children - the joy of a more balanced health.

How does it work? In a room where the walls are covered with salt, dry salt aerosol is released. The ionized salt particles fall within the airways and lungs in alleviating bronchial inflammation, eliminating pathogens (pollen) and accelerating the transport of mucus. In other words, the aerosol salt helps cleanse the respiratory system.

Regarding the skin, dry natural salt spray has a cleansing effect, restores the biocenosis, improves microcirculation, and enhances the protective qualities of the skin. Ionized salt particles relieve stress, induce exfoliation, nourish and stimulate the skin, having a bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is important to know that the dry aerosol of sodium chloride naturally improves the health of the respiratory system, and offers a detoxification and lymphatic drainage effect on the whole body.

The halotherapy cannot replace medical treatment or a consultation with a specialist, but it can significantly improve your health and your quality of life. In case of certain health problems, salt therapy can help as effective support to the basic therapy by reducing the duration and amount of medication to be taken, the number of cases, and therefore the number and length of stays at the hospital.